How to order a Commission:

You can start by sending me an email me at: and from there we can discuss pricing and details of the artwork you want created. Once details are finalized you will then send the payment to on Paypal before work begins on your order.

Current Availibility: 0/10 Slots remaining.


(You can still contact me for general inquiries and availability estimates. I might accept high value commissions as well in extremely limited quantities.)

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  • I take payment upfront before starting a commission.
  • If it is a more expensive commission and you are uncomfortable with the aforementioned terms, we can negotiate arrangements to send half of the payment. I will work up until the initial sketch phase is completed but then I will require the second half of payment before continuing onto the finalization rendering process.
  • Anything can be drawn. (This includes OCs fanart etc.)
  • Nudity and sexually explicit content are acceptable which can be seen throughout the Artwork Section and the Doujinshi Section.
  • I will emulate any style but if I feel I cannot recreate it well enough I will let you know. (Think of style as: Blizzard, Anime, Realistic, Western cartoon, etc).
  • I'm not limited to fictional characters I can create portraits of real people as well!
  • I'm also not limited to humanoid characters. I will do robots/gundams/anthro/objects/vehicles/etc. - There will be an additional fee for complex characters. Such as the ones listed above.
  • Guro is fine.


  • Certain fetishes I feel cross my personal boundary. Let me know though what you have in mind I'll do pretty much anything.
  • I reserve the right to deny any request if I feel uncomfortable doing it.

Commission Types:

Single Character - Full Body - Simple Background

Price = Number of Characters X Commission Type. Example: Two Characters in Lineart is $40 X 2 = $80 Total.

Lineart - $40

Cell Shaded - $50

Anime Style Render - $70

Full Color Illustration - $90


The price of variations are based upon the type of commission you've ordered (Anime-style Render, Full Illustration, etc.) and the overall percentage of the character that has changed (20% minimum charge) and can vary depending upon complexity. For example, If you have gotten a Full Illustration Style image and want a variation that changes the expression and requires the arms to be in a new position on a single character, you will be charged 1/3rd the cost of a single character in Full Illustration. Therefore, the variation image would be: $90(The cost of a single character in Full Illustration Style) ÷ 3 = $30 for the full variation image.

But don't worry! I will do all the calculations for you so all you have to do is tell me the variations you would like to have created and I will give you the complete pricing.


The price is $30 a panel (not page) but I can be a little flexible depending on the circumstance. Color is $50 a panel. Depending on size and complexity of panel there may be a mark up or down.

I'll create a doujin of whatever you wish! Feel free to be as descriptive as you like with how you want the pages set up, however you can also be as vague as you like with a general idea of the story. Hentai or otherwise pages tend to be between 3-5 panels on average though it can vary on your preference.

Privacy Fee:

What is it?

A privacy fee is there if you don't want me to post up the work I create for you and want it for your eyes only. What you're paying for is the creation but I still have the right to post the image in my portfolio. It's how I show improvement and get potential new work in the future by others seeing what I'm capable of. However, if you don't want me to post up the image anywhere I'll have to charge a flat fee because it hinders my abilities to get potential work.

Privacy fee price: $200

Payment Information:

After selecting the category you would like to have created, you will then send the payment to on Paypal. Projects will be completed in the order in which they are paid. You will be notified when your project has begun and when your project has finished. You can request to have updates on the status of your project whenever you please once it has begun. Multiple projects may be worked on simultaneously. You will be informed if this is happening. Please include the email in which you would like your project delivered to. I will send a high resolution image file in the format suitable for the medium created but you can request a different file format if you would like. A download link will be provided for files too large to be sent via email. If you are unable to receive emails you can pick a platform that you have that’s easiest for you to access (and feasible for me as well) where I can upload the image to you.