Rule 34 Pokemon: Arezu Makes Akari Cum All Over

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Another day has passed and that means more new hentai! Following up from our previous Nessa and Sonia image, we have have two very cute ladies from Pokemon Arceus! Arezu is finally getting the lewd treatment and she’s Akari is joining her! This our first time showing off Arezu’s nice soft ass. However, R‑E‑L‑O‑A‑D has drawn Akari showing off her soft breasts and petite body here.

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In this image, Arezu gets a too little drunk and she begins to hit a lot harder on Akari. She reaches into Akari’s kimono and begins to play with her dick. Akari’s cock grows large in Arezu’s hand and pulses as she has trouble resisting Arezu’s drunken advance. The horny Pokemon trainer moans and pants as her cock is jerked rapidly in Arezu’s hand. Arezu wants nothing more than to make Akari blow a huge load all over herself and for her to lap it up after. But that’s enough foreplay! Here is some brand new rule 34 Pokemon action featuring Arezu and Akari!

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