2B Hentai: Nier’s 2B Fucking Commander White!

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It’s a new week and that means it’s time for more hentai! The anime Nier: Automata Ver1.1a is just starting up so we’d figured it’d be a great time for 2B hentai! R‑E‑L‑O‑A‑D has only drawn 2B once and you can see that picture in the Hentai Sketch Pack Archive which has 80+ hentai images from tons of games and anime! This time around we have Commander White fucking 2B while gripping her fat ass so this should be a treat for Nier Automata fans.

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In this image, 2B violates a mission directive because she feels like she has to do what’s best for humanity. While understanding, Commander White has to teach 2B a valuable lesson. White takes 2B to her quarters and pushes her onto the bed to begin her rigorous punishment. She pulls aside 2B’s panties and pushes her throbbing cock into her pussy. 2B keeps moaning as the sex continues with Commander White grabbing her ass and thrusting inside. While this is supposed to be punishment, 2B just can’t get enough of Commander White. But that’s enough foreplay! Here is some hot new Nier Automata hentai featuring 2B and Commander White!

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