May Rule 34: May Rubbing Her Wet Naked Body in the Hot Springs

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More time has passed and that means more new hentai! We have been on the Pokemon train in the past and we aren’t stopping now! This time we have May from Pokemon ORAS and she is showing off like never before. We have not drawn May in a while since her very old pin-up. However, we have done several other Pokemon girls like Nessa and Sonia fucking and squirting on each other.

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In this image, May is in the hot springs relaxing and taking a break from her Pokemon adventures. She bathes and lets to hot water trickle across her supple and soft body. The steam in the room is an inviting aroma for May and she breathes it in to imbibe in the surrounding bliss. She notices you looking from a far and displays a warming and inviting look. May doesn’t shy away from your perverted gaze. She wants nothing more for you to join her for a little extra action. But, that’s enough foreplay! Here is some new May rule 34 from Pokemon ORAS!

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