These Thicc Girls Can’t Wait to Be Fucked! Choose Your Favorite in This November’s Patreon Poll!

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November is the month of Thanksgiving and with everyone staying warm inside it’s only normal to put on a couple of pounds. The theme on Patreon this month is Thicc Girls and these ladies are some of the sexiest thicc girls around who have curves in all of the right places. The winner will have one Super High Quality Full Illustration created (example image) as well as a 4-5 page Mini Doujin/Comic (example image) of their pussy being filled and stuffed while their large sultry assets fill your heart with delight!

Here’s this months line up of Tantalizing Tasty Thiccness (Too much? :P)

  • Erufuda – Plus Sized Elf
  • Kuroeda – Plus Sized Elf
  • Galko – Oshiete! Galko-chan!
  • Loba – Apex Legends
  • Minamoto no Raikō – Fate/Grand Order
  • Mei – Overwatch
  • Melony – Pokemon
  • Tsunade – Naruto

You can vote here until November 22nd to choose which thicc girl is your favorite! For $1 your vote counts for one point, $5 your vote counts for two points, and $10+ dollars you’ll get three points when you vote which could help ensure your voluptuous vixen score the victory!