Commission Reopening and Updates!

By: R‑E‑L‑O‑A‑D

2020-01-14 22:24:24

Hey everyone! From the last set of commissions I took a lot of notes and figured out the best way to structure my time for commissions. I wanted to also be as transparent as possible with where I'm at on the current commission so that everyone can understand what to expect. The slots are now labeled to reflect what commission I am currently on, how long it should take and who's next in line from there.

I will be working on commissions for the first three weeks out of the month. The last week will be dedicated to Patreon content and other personal work. That way I don't constantly bleed into commission time and get the expected dates muddled together.

I feel like with this system in play I can accept more commissions as long as you understand the amount of people that are ahead of you and the expected wait time. Being held accountable for this will also help to make sure I don't slack off!

With that being said delays can sometimes happen depending on how life hits us. If something comes along that causes a delay I will update everyone to make sure there's no ambiguity.

I look forward to 2020 and beyond! I have been steadily growing and I will continue to do so. I'd love to be able to engage with you all some more as well. Perhaps I'll be more active on discords and other social media platforms.

I plan on including a few new Patreon goals that will come sooner as well. Adding in a goal that would allow me to make another single image drawing each month alongside the doujin page is next up. Perhaps another raffle as well.

I think I will make a permanent change to the polls as well. That being $1 can vote while $5 gets a double and $10+ gets a triple. I would like to try that out for a while so the barrier of entry isn't so steep.

I'll be working hard to improve so that I can bring better content even faster. I look forward to this year I hope I can improve and bring enjoyment to people. I love making sexy artwork. I know it's a bit looked down upon especially in the art world, but it's been something I've always loved for a very long time. I try and experiment with my works by putting in what I find sexy. It doesn't always work though haha sometimes it confuses people. Over time I hope to be able to convey what I like in a better manner. Though I still want to also create things that I think other people would like and not just myself. I try to do that a lot as well. Finding ways to make things sexy is fun!

I like it when people are free to express their desires so I hope you never feel shame when expressing them to me! I don't judge because everyone has their thing and that's totally fine! Understanding what people want to see helps me to improve and better my work. So be lewd and be proud! Let's make this year extra lewd!

Thanks for reading this far if you did! Sorry for being so long winded (ง ˙o˙)ว ~~~ ♥

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